NFVgrid provides automated provisioning, analytics, monitoring, and life-cycle management for Virtual Network Function appliances managed through a single system. The NFVgrid web portal delivers a smooth user experience. The dashboard neatly presents all of the virtual appliances and services that a customer can roll-out or terminate.

NFVgrid automatically deploys virtual appliances with pre-provisioned settings and connects them to networks of choice. For advanced settings, virtual network appliances can be accessed later by web-portal or CLI.

No system in today’s network can perform in isolation, so we built NFVgrid with a rich set of RESTful APIs for easy integration with OSS and BSS systems, including billing.

NFVgrid provides performance monitoring functions as well as a meaningful representation of the different kinds of analytical data  for the traffic passing through the network or a particular VM.

Life cycle management includes instantiation, scaling the VNF up and down, performance measurement and finally, termination of the appliance when requested, either by the customer or as required by a network operator. The diagram below provides a high level NFVGrid architecture:

Utilizing the latest technologies in network flows and packet collection as well as Big Data techniques for initial and fine-tuned data processing, NFVgrid has extensive functionality for network related data statistics, analytics and aggregation. NFVgrid’s functionality includes 100% throughput packet capture, which provides the deepest insight into network traffic under NFVgrid management.

NFVgrid processes the captured packets using Big Data architecture and utilizing deterministic and self-learning methods provides its customers with a variety of statistical and analytical information including traffic patterns (micro and macro), anomaly detection, intrusion prevention and many more.

The diagram below shows the NFVgrid data processing and data collection architecture:

In addition to a number of pre-determined analytical scenarios, NFVgrid provides functions for custom analytical queries. There are two methods provided: UI-based and API. The UI-based method utilizes a highly customizable interface to the analytical query engine. Single line or more complex queries can be entered to a UI form and the results will be instantly displayed on NFVgrid Analytical screens.

The API-based route to the NFVgrid analytical engine provides developers access to raw, pre-processed and processed data, thus allowing customers to deeply integrate between NFVgrid and their own statistical and analytical software and infrastructure. NFVgrid uses REST API which allows seamless and fast integration with the most popular programming languages and platforms.