Network virtualization and automation to complete integrated cloud management platform, Contrail delivers freedom of choice, intelligent automation and always-on reliability for cloud and NFV. Contrail Networking provides and powers SDN solution for cloud and Network Functions Virtualization improves business agility with security, availability, performance, automation and elasticity.

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In this topology, Openstack and Contrail (all nodes) are on Node 1. While Node 2 has the compute and analytics node of contrail.
A ‘Green VM’, ‘Blue VM’ and ‘vSRX (firewall)’ instance reside on node 1 while another ‘Blue VM’ and ‘Red VM’ are on node 2. VMs with same color are in same network, therefore ‘Blue VMs’ will be able to ping each other regardless of the node they reside on. A firewall is introduced through ‘service chaining’ between Green and Red networks. The traffic flow between Green VM and Red VM is dependent on the configurations in the firewall.